Cereal Trading and Storage

Organic Products

BIOCHEM ORGANICS SRL was founded in 2015 and has been continuously growing since then. Today it is an integrated business entity, part of one of the leading agribusiness groups in Romania.

BIOCHEM ORGANICS SRL is focused towards bringing organic certified grain commodities according to REG. (EC) No. 848/2018, from Romania to its partners around the world. We put at your disposal a large variety of organic products, such as:

Our services

Our company is certified as a trader and stock keeper, carrying out the activity in tremendous Silos and Warehouses situated in Dragalina (County Calarasi, Romania), in Baia (County Tulcea, Romania), in Agigea (County Constanta, Romania) and in Romania (County Braila, Romania). The geographical situation of the storage facilities offers a great advantage to our company ahead of the competitors:

  • being situated in the most productive agricultural areas of Romania;
  • are equipped with dryers working on gas;
  • the goods can be delivered and received on the railway, trucks and ships.